types of slots

Most casino websites offer a wide range of online slots and casino games to choose from. It’s our aim in this guide to explain the different types of slots that you will come across at many of the online Malaysian casinos.

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There are a lot of different types of casino games out on the market. We’ll dive into a few of the more common ones that you would find at online Malaysian casinos. This is by no means a comprehensive list as there are all sorts of new and exciting online slots coming out every year. Gaming companies tend to stick to tried and tested formulas. Innovations aren’t always something they look for and they often they recycle ideas from old games but with a different graphics and symbol designs.


Slot machines will often offer an extra gamble feature after a winning payline prize and this is usually a 50/50 double or nothing option. It can sometimes be played up to five times to give you up to 32x your original win (although limits depend on the game).


Multi Line Slots


These are online slots on which you can wager on at least one or more paylines with some slots offering over 1000 win lines, or even more in some cases. You can choose your stake and sometimes the number of win lines before you spin which gives you various options on how much you want to wager at a time.


Traditional fruit machines would often give you a single line across the middle. More complex games would allow three horizontal and two more diagonal lines. Nowadays, online multi line slots and 5+ reel machines can give you a whole host of possible winning outcomes.


Progressive Slots


Progressive jackpot slots will play like a normal machine, but with the chance to win big. A progressive jackpot is usually a random reward paid out to one lucky winner. These can amount to tens of thousands, or in some extreme cases, hundreds of thousands at a time.


On most progressive jackpot casino games, there will be a bronze, silver, and gold pot which will all accumulate in size by a small amount with every bet made on the game. Winning these jackpots can be triggered through special features or at random on any spin.


Mobile Slots


Mobile slots are designed to be played on a tablet or mobile device and they are becoming more popular due to most of the world having access to smartphones nowadays. These can range from standard 3-reel games all the way up to 5 reels and more. They have all the features and bonus rounds that you would expect from any standard desktop online slot game.


You’ll find mobile-based slot games at most online casinos due to the mobile demands of today’s online casino player. You can enjoy a whole range of themes and designs wherever you go thanks to the mobile-optimisation of the games that are released nowadays. Sometimes you can download apps which will offer you to use a free play feature, allowing you get acquainted with the game before you play for real money.


3D Slots


3D slot games are played exactly like standard slots, only with flashier graphics and immersive gameplay. These types of games tend to be the most popular form of slots even though they usually have the same gameplay and rewards.


You can get 3D online slots in a variety of different themes and famous characters from hit movies tend to be very popular when creating these 3D game graphics. The gameplay itself doesn’t deviate from standard 2D slot games in any way, and they will usually feature free spins or a progressive jackpots to add incentive to play.


Slots Tournament


The slots tournament is still worthy of a mention here although it’s not a specific type of slot game. These tournaments are usually run as promotions by online casinos. All the entrants will be given the same amount of starting credits and there will be a grand prize going to whoever has the highest credit amount at the end.


Sometimes they run as a free competition. In this case, it’s well worth entering any that you can find as the chance for a big payout is always good. The casinos will sometimes charge a small entrance fee to put toward the jackpot and this often means more players and therefore bigger prizes.


In a standard tournament there will usually be a time limit to make things more exciting. You don’t have to play for the whole time. You can choose to take time out at any point when you think you’ve earned enough to win. Take note though, as you can’t always count on staying in the lead as last-minute jackpot spins could let somebody else beat you to a prize winning position.


Fishing Game


The fishing game theme used to be popular amongst slot fans with the “reel” puns being used in all sorts of humorous ways. You don’t see them as much nowadays but games worth playing include titles such as Alaskan Fishing and Lucky Fishing. These games will include all the usual free spins and multiplier features that you would find in any other standard online slot, but if you’re a fan of fishing then you are bound to have some fun!


Slots Features


Each slot comes with its own special features and you can find a multitude of bonus rounds or special rewards in a single game. It’s often a good idea to acquaint yourself with the help and pay table information found within each game as every slot plays slightly differently.


We’ll now run through some of the most common bonus features that you will find in a slot game, such as free spins which give you extra playing time in the form of bonus spins. The Wilds which replace other symbols on a win line and mega spins that offer massive rewards from a single reel spin. Nudges used to be common but are not so popular anymore with the free spins and multipliers gaining more interest from players at Malaysian casinos.


Mega Spin

A special feature found in slot games is the mega spin option. This is where you increase the stake to a higher level and much bigger rewards are then made available. These spins will sometimes take out lower value icons or add in more wild-cards to increase the chances of spinning big prizes.


Bonus Round Slots


Bonus round feature are the main attraction of slots and these generally offer free spins at your current stake. Depending on the game, these free spins will sometimes offer extra Wilds and Scatter symbols to help increase your payline combinations.


The bigger rewards connected to slot games are usually found in the bonus features and these bonus round slots are what most players look out for. It could be free spins, enhanced multipliers, or just straight up cash prizes – the end result is usually always a bigger prize.


So, if you’re playing multi-line slots then the potential is always there to land multiple wins. Many of these games also give you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot if you are playing a progressive slot game, so always lookout for bonus round slots and especially those with progressive jackpos.