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Keno is a game that has been played for a long time and is akin to how you would play lottery back in the olden days. Now that the Internet has arrived, you can play keno online at any one of the online keno games available on many online casinos.

Best Online Casinos With Online Keno

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How does Online Keno work ?

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Keno games are pretty simple, much more the online versions of the game. In a game of keno or online keno, a player will be given a set of numbers from which they need to pick up to 15 numbers to bet on, also known as “spots”. The number of maximum spots that a player can pick may vary from game to game or even between casinos.

Once everyone has placed their bets, the dealer draws out a string of 20 numbers and all players will check to see if any of those numbers match the numbers they have selected to put bets on. When you think about it, keno is sort of like bingo, just with more numbers and you don’t need the sequences.

The prizes depend heavily on how much your initial bet is. If you placed your bet on only a single number, chances are you get a small profit, minus your initial bet. But, if you choose to bet on 10 numbers, even hitting five out of ten could get you a pretty decent prize. If you hit all 10, even better, you may just have a huge jackpot waiting! But, do remember that the prizes vary from game to game and also between casinos.

Online keno strategy

So, how exactly do you win at online keno using the strategy? The main thing to remember is to gauge your bets and your rewards. If the prizes are worth your bet, place them. If the bets are costlier than the prizes themselves, maybe it’s best not to. So, the little bit of early math helps.

Also, it’s best to calculate the number of bets you’d like to place. Most casinos allow up to 10 or 15 numbers to be bet on, depending on the casino. It would be absurd to place bets on the maximum number of spots, since hitting them all would be a colossal feat. A number between 5-7 spots is pretty reasonable and the prizes are usually decent.

The last but never the least strategy is to play at casinos with the best bonuses for online keno. That way, you’ll never have to take out too much from your own pocket and you’d still be walking away with a handful of cash and great prizes.

Best online keno games

The Internet has a never-ending supply of casinos that offer online keno, so you’ll just need to give it a look around and pick your favourite. The games have amazing graphics and sound that they’ll keep you hooked for hours on end. If you’re looking to play online keno locally, we have a complete list of online casinos Malaysia at which you can try your hand at their selection of online keno games, and discover some great bonuses as well. If you’d like to try your hand at other casino games, we have a comprehensive list of the latest and best casino games you can find online, ready for you.