Casino Billions Malaysia reviews ONLY casino & betting sites that do NOT use agents. We hand picked these sites, and present you with their reviews for your enjoyment!

Best casino & betting sites that do not use agents  

Best Casino Sites That Don’t Uses Agents:

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  • Many Different Bonuses And Promotions
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Online casino can be the most interesting place for people who is looking for thrill and excitement in the comfort of their own home. With just a few click, online casino is the only platforms where player can double or triple their invested amount within few hours, however, their profit might be less or at risk by playing at online casino with agent.

There are two type of online casino, one with agent and one without agent. By designation, online gambling agent suppose to play the role of a  professional dealer, sometimes known as the bookie, who handles the transactions and manages the professional players to ensure that they make the most of their money. Agents also suppose to be responsible for helping players to find the best opportunities to play games online, but the trues is, that in most cases they are feiling from doning thier job, and envolving with them expose the player to a risk he wasn’t aware of.


Beware! High Risk with Online Casino through agent

There are thousands of online casino websites with agents, but some of them deliver poor services and some might run away with your hard earned money. Not only you risk losing your money, but your valuable personal information including bank details are at risk as well.  Therefore, player need to keep some factors in mind while selecting the right online casino, preferably one without agent.



Online casino with agent will share your profit, or run away with it!

Agent will get a share of profit from the player’s bet, which is quite risky. There are many incidents where the online casino is closed, cheating their player’s money or unfair forms of playing which caused players to lose. Picture this, you have spent your money on online casino and won a big prize, but when it’s come to withdraw your prize, it has come to know the online casino has scammed you by blocking your ID and your bank account.

On the other hand, online casino with no agent means players are playing directly and securely with a regulated casino which comply to foreign countries’ law and regulations. Our recommended online casino website inclusive of risk free foreign gambling websites which are classified as legal betting sites.


Online casino with no agents – Safe and Reliable

Our online casino does not go through an agent,such as W88, M88 and 12BET which promised high level of security and reliability. All online casino here have strong capital with headquarters in foreign countries such as Asia, Philippines or England. All of them are under the control, as well as inspected and certified by government agencies. This give confident for players by ensuring that they will not be cheated, safe, and without any problems which will cause concern to players at all.


What is so interesting about online casino with no agents?

Unlike online casino with agent that can only manage to provide a few selection of games, online casino with no agent offers a variety of exhilarating casino games, such as poker, slots, Lotto, blackjack, virtual sport and many other interesting betting games. Whether it’s a Live casino or tournaments, they offer the best bonuses and promotions!


We believe for those who are looking for online entertainment, you should make up your mind now. Online casino with no agent provide higher value and greater convenience by simple registration and hassle-free deposit and withdrawal. We have review some top quality online casino, including online casino from Malaysia which offer attractive bonuses and promotion that definitely worth a try.