Casino Billions Malaysia present the best online Blackjack games available to the Malaysian player.

Online Blackjack is one of the most popular and widely enjoyed online casino games, where you are matched up against the dealer in an exhilarating card game. This game is easy, fun and exciting, where intuition and quick decisions can result in big cash prizes. Get a natural 21 to grab the biggest payout on offer.

Best Online Casinos With Online Blackjack

The Review

Blackjack Switch, Live Blackjack, and Progressive Blackjack are just some of the multiple variations of the traditional Blackjack game providing enhanced sets of rules and features for an even more fun and exciting online casino experience. Online Blackjack games run around the clock, every day of the year, so all of your favourite games are available to you no matter what your schedule looks like. Get into the action using either the flash or download software and choose whether you’d like to play some practice rounds using virtual chips or play for real cash prizes with a Real Money Account. Opening a Real Money account is quick and easy and once your account is open, you’ll instantly be eligible for an exclusive Welcome Bonus!

The top online blackjack games on offer

To get you started with your online gaming experience, here’s a list of some the most popular online Blackjack games currently available…


Blackjack Switch: This version of the traditional Blackjack game gives you the option of switching out your hold cards when the game starts. Best of all, this feature is included in the cost of your original stake, so you can increase your chances of winning without risking any more of your money.

Live Blackjack: This game gives you the most realistic live Blackjack experience as you get to interact with a real professional dealer as the action is streamed straight to your computer in real-time. Make wagers using the usual casino software and enjoy even more in-game information as well as a constantly updating leaderboard.

Progressive Blackjack: Enjoy one of the most lucrative versions of Blackjack on offer. By paying a side bet, you stand a chance to win some of the biggest payouts in the industry through an ever-increasing progressive jackpot. These jackpots increase by an accumulation of side bets across a number of different games and their value can be seen in the jackpot ticker. Once the jackpot is claimed, it will reset to its original amount and start accumulating funds all over again.

How to play like a pro?

There are a number of different online Blackjack variations around. You can find some great versions at Empire777. Once you have found your own personal favourite, there are two distinct steps to follow in order to play like a Blackjack champion.

The first step you should follow is to learn basic Blackjack Strategy. This will allow you to know the right moves to make depending on what cards have been drawn. While it doesn’t guarantee you will win, like all card games there is an element of chance involved, it does reduce the house edge significantly.

The second is to manage your bankroll. Find the right strategy for your budget and then stick to it. Correct bankroll management is the secret to riding winning streaks and pushing through losing streaks. With the right bankroll strategy, you can walk away from the online Blackjack table with a win in your pocket.

How to win?

The first thing you should remember when playing online Blackjack is that you can never guarantee a win. Any guide that says this is lying to you. No matter how good your skills are, sometimes the cards are just against you. However, what you can do is increase your chances of winning to the point where you can walk away in profit much more often.

Basic Blackjack strategy is extremely in-depth and there isn’t enough room to cover it in full here. However, even without knowing it fully, there are some tips that you can learn from it to increase your chances of winning. Firstly, when playing online Blackjack always double down on a hard 11. This will give you the best chance of walking away from that hand with a high win. Secondly, always split a pair of aces. The ace is the best card to have in the game, so to have two hands with an ace in will give you two hands with a good chance of winning.

If you want to make sure that your chances of winning are as high as possible then find a guide that will teach you basic Blackjack strategy in full.

Get your exclusive welcome bonus

Open a Real Money account and play online Blackjack at any of  Malaysia’s recommended online casino sites and will instantly be eligible for an exclusive Welcome Bonus. Once you open your account and make your first deposit, the additional bonus money will be automatically credited to your account.

To activate your account, simply click on the Play for Real Money button and read and accept the terms and conditions. Once you make your first deposit, a window with the Welcome Bonus offer will pop up on your screen. Then, all you have to do is click Accept to claim your bonus!

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