Introduction to Roulette

roulette strategy

Roulette is a game that takes players on the most exciting journey of all table games. With the ball consistently moving and the excitement of watching it land, it really is something that will grab the attention of everyone. It’s a simple game in essence, there is a range of different wagers on offer to players, like all casino games really, and then once all bets have been made the ball will be left to land in a slot. It is available to play at almost every online casino, mainly due to the high level of popularity that it has.

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How to play Online Roulette?


When it comes to playing Roulette online, it really is pretty simple. You find your way to the table, choose a bet that you like the most and then wait for the ball to land. Some live dealer versions of the game will use a real Roulette wheel, while software versions will simulate a Roulette wheel using random number generators and in some cases physics engines. With all of that being said, you can’t really begin to develop an Online Roulette strategy if you don’t know which wagers are on offer.


Types of Bet


There are a huge number of different bets on offer to players when playing Roulette. What Roulette does, to make it slightly easier to distinguish between the many different bets, is to split them into two separate parts. They are split into the outside and the inside of the betting layout that’s on the Roulette table. In quite a sensible move, they’re known as the outside and the inside bets.


Outside Bets


If you are going to use some form of bankroll management when you play Online Roulette, then the outside bets are where you will most likely be forming your Online Roulette strategy. This is because all of the even money wagers are located on the outside which are covered by five different types of bets.


The first section of bets that are included in the outside bets is the most well -known bet in Roulette. Red or Black. For this, you simply choose whether you think the ball will land on a red number or a black number. It will pay out evens, so it is a wager you can use for an Online Roulette strategy.


The second section of bets for the outside bets is odd or even. It’s simple to understand, you choose whether you think the ball will land on an odd number or an even number, for the purpose of this wager, the zero doesn’t count as an even number. This pays out evens so can also be used for an Online Roulette strategy.


Low or high is the third section and splits the numbers in half. 1 – 18 are the low numbers and 19 – 36 are the high numbers. It’s the final evens payout so is the last type of wager that makes up an Online Roulette strategy.


Columns is the next section. This takes a column of 12 numbers from the Roulette wheel t and there are three different columns available in total. The layout of the Roulette table will not have these numbers in order, so it is not as simple as 1 – 12 being the first column and so on. This wager pays out 2 to 1.


The final wager is dozens. This wager splits the numbers into three sections; 1 – 12, 13 – 24 and 25 – 36. It’s very similar to columns but it has the numbers in order and also gives players a payout of 2 to 1.


Inside Bets


There are six different inside bets on offer to players when playing Roulette. These offer much better payouts than the inside bets, but they also have a much smaller chance of coming in. None of the inside bets can be used for standard bankroll management strategies, which means that they are not really useful for an Online Roulette strategy. However, for players who like the thrill of grabbing a big win they do offer some excitement.


The first type of wager on the inside bets is just simply choosing one of the numbers on the wheel. This includes the zero if you want to choose that. It pays out a very healthy 35 to 1 to players.


The second type of bet is a split bet. This is when you choose two numbers that are next to each other on the Roulette betting layout. The wager will payout if the ball lands in the slot of either of the numbers. It has a payout of 17 to 1.


A street bet is the third kind of inside wager. This is when you place a wager on three numbers in a row on the Roulette betting layout. This has a payout of 11 to 1.


A corner bet is when you place a wager on four numbers that are adjacent. It can also be called a square bet because the four numbers make a square. This will give a payout of 8 to 1.


The next wager is the six number bet. Most players will realise that this is basically two street bets. You will get odds of 5 to 1 if you place this wager.


The final inside bet is only available on American Roulette tables and is called the five–number bet. It’s also the single worst bet that is available when playing Roulette. It has the highest house edge of any wager in the game. It’s a wager on the ball landing on 1, 2, 3, 0 or 00. There is no other combination available for a five number bet and it pays out just 6 to 1.


Betting Strategies


The main factor for bankroll strategies when playing Roulette is to stick to bets that payout even money. This is because they allow the following strategies to work correctly:


Martingale Strategy


The Martingale strategy is without a doubt the most well-known of all bankroll management strategies. It works due to progressive increases in wager amounts in order to cover any losses with each subsequent bet. You start off by wagering at 1 unit, which could be MYR 10 for example. If you win your bet, then you continue wagering at 1 unit. However, if you lose your bet then you double your wager. So, your next wager would be 2 units. If that wins then you go back down to betting at 1 unit. If you lose then you continue doubling your wager. As soon as you win you go back down to betting with 1 unit.


The reason it works is that the even money bets pay out exactly what you have wagered, which means that your winnings will cover all previous losses. As long as the table limit is high enough and your budget is high enough you will be able to continue with this system and never make a loss.


1-3-2-6 Strategy


The 1-3-2-6 strategy works by stepping through the sequence whenever you have a winning streak. So, when you win a bet, you move onto the next step in the sequence. This means that you start by wagering 1 unit. If you win, you move onto wagering 3 units, then 2 units, and finally 6 units. However, if you lose at any stage of the sequence you go back to wagering 1 unit.


The reason this system works so well as an Online Roulette strategy is because it capitalises on winning runs but bets the minimum amount for losing streaks. This allows your bankroll to last much longer and you only bet big when you’re winning. The final bet in the sequence might seem like a large wager, but if you have ever managed to get to that point then the previous bets in the sequence will have made enough to cover it if it loses. That is why the 1-3-2-6 system works so well.


La Partage and En Prison


If you are able to find a Roulette game that offers La Partage or En Prison then you should choose that game to play. This is because it reduces the house edge and gives the chance to keep your bankroll higher. Here is how it works:


La Partage comes into play when you have placed a wager that has a payout of evens. When you have placed a wager that pays out even money and the ball ends up in the zero slot, you will instantly get 50% of your stake returned to you.


The En Prison rule is very similar, but slightly different to the La Partage rule. It also comes into play when you have put on an even money bet. It also is triggered when the ball lands in the zero slot. However, the difference is that the wager is kept in place for another spin. If you win your bet on this spin then your whole stake will be returned, however, if you lose the next spin then the house will keep your wager.


American or European


This is a really simple choice. American Roulette has an extra zero slot on the wheel. This means that it is harder to win when you play American Roulette. If you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, then you should always choose to play European Roulette.


Overall Thoughts


Creating an Online Roulette strategy is an important aspect if you want to walk away in profit. What makes Roulette an appealing game is that you only need to learn how to manage your bankroll, there are no complicated ways of playing that need to be learned. So, if you want to choose a game that is simple to master and gives you the chance to make a profit, then Online Roulette is a great choice!