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Playing online roulette as a fresh new player may have you wondering what ways can you use to increase your chances of winning or even on which numbers or spaces on the board that you should chose to place your bets on. In order to uncover all that, you’ll need the help of something called roulette tips and that is what we have prepared for you today, a complete list of ultimate online roulette tips that you can incorporate into your gameplay.

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#1 Forget the ‘biased wheel’

You may have heard lots of experienced players talk about biased wheels and you may be expecting to use that trick for your next online roulette game. Not to burst your bubble, but this tactic does not work on online wheels. The biased wheel is based on the belief that as the wheel is spun, the ball leaves microdents in the wheel, causing it to be imbalanced whenever it’s spinned. This will cause the ball to land in certain pockets, due to a biased spin. This, unfortunately, does not happen with online wheels, as they are completely computerized and random.

#2 Try out a Live Casino

When you hit your favorite online casino for a round of roulette, don’t forget to try out their live options as well. At a live casino roulette table, you would have the chance to have a look at how the game is played, as if it were in a real casino setting. Instead of playing a computer, you would be faced with real-life opponents. This way, you would be able to have a look at how the game is played and pick up a few tricks that other players at your table use, and save them for your online game later. Having a live dealer also helps, as you’d be able to see how the actual dealing goes down.

#3 Master Roulette Versions

As a new player, you may still be working your way around your online casino games and the same may be with your online roulette endeavors. The first thing any new player should do is to figure out the differences between different roulette versions as well as the pros and cons of each individual variation. This knowledge provides players with an upper-hand in roulette, whereby they would be able to use the different betting options and odds to their leverage and be able to play the best game, every single time.

#4 Choose a Betting Strategy

There are many betting strategies for roulette that you can easily find and are only a click away. However, it is always best to master a betting strategy that works with your style of play. This may vary from the type of roulette that you choose to play. By having a betting strategy that goes along with your gameplay, you would be making the most precise and accurate bets at every turn, increasing your chances at a win.

#5 Know Your Odds

New players may be baffled by the term “odds”, and that is completely understandable, we’ve all been there. Odds here refer to the possibility or the chance of you winning a particular bet that you have placed. For example, an inside bet, which are any of the numbers on your roulette table, usually have a 35-37:1 odds of winning while outside bets have a 1:1 odds of winning. A good understanding of these numbers and possibilities, along with the knowledge of house edges, will give you a clear picture on which bets would bring you the best returns.

#6 Try Your Hand at Column Betting

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, column betting is a betting method in roulette where you place your bets collectively on a column of numbers from your roulette table. This way, you would still have a win, no matter which number in the column the ball lands on. This method gives you a much higher chance of winning, all while keeping your number of bets in check, allowing you to play for longer periods and continue to win bigger amounts at each winning turn.

#7 Play on the Outside

The outside bets are an interesting choice of wagers to make. For those who don’t know what outside bets are, they are bets that carry a 50/50 chance of giving you a win. The benefit of such games are that you are betting on one of two outcomes and that means that you would have a higher chance of winning your bets, compared to if you placed your bets on the numbers. This gives you a chance to stretch your betting bankroll to the maximum and at the same time, allow you to get the maximal profit off each round.

#8 Manage Your Bankroll With Care

Your bankroll is what you will be playing with at the roulette table and if you ever run out, that means it’s time to hit the road. And at the same time, you’ll need to know how much you’ll need to start of your betting rounds. As a rule of thumb, about 10-20% of your expendable income would be the best amount to set as a bankroll. From there, for each playing round of roulette, it is best to wager about 5-7% of your bankroll amount. This would give you sufficient plays for a substantial win, without leaving you broke at the end of your casino session.

#9 Look For The Best Bonuses

Before you choose an online casino that you like to play roulette at, it is best to have a look at the bonuses specific to roulette that they offer and compare them to other players in the market. Bonuses that are commonly offered for roulette are cashbacks, free spins and even multipliers, which are especially helpful for beginners. This way, you would be able to use the maximal amount of bonuses to give your bankroll a boost, thus leaving you with a higher profit margin with each round of roulette that you play at your favorite online casino.

#10 Always Run a Free Test

You’ll notice that most casinos actually have the option to let new visitors to their site to play for free. Use this to your benefit and give it a go. This will allow you to understand how roulette games at the particular casino works and at the same time, you would be able to find out first-hand, the kind of in-game bonuses that are offered and figure out the best instances to use them in. Besides that, playing a demo-version of your favorite roulette game also give you the opportunity to flex your roulette strategy skills.

These are just some of the tips and strategies to help you along your way to a win at the roulette table. It is best to always use more than one of these strategies simultaneously to ensure that your chances at winning the round is always at an optimal. Also, for any of these online roulette strategy moves, make sure that they do not conflict with your style of roulette gameplay. Your choice of online casinos to play at influences your chances of winning. If you have yet to select an online casino that suits your way of playing roulette, check out our list of online casinos in Malaysia and take your pick at whatever works for you.