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As you step into the world of online blackjack, the first thought that you would have would be on what types of online blackjack tipswould be the best to help you with your gameplay and eventually earn you the big bucks. And as a newbie, it can be a little bit taxing to figure all these out by yourself. This is why we have taken the liberty to put together a list of online blackjack tips that you can use, even if you have only just started dabbling with online blackjack.

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#1 Choose The Right Blackjack Casino

The inaugural step in your online blackjack endeavor should be choosing an online casino that offers the best options for your blackjack play. The most important aspect to ensure is that their selection of games matches your playing style. Once you have a casino that offers the range of online blackjack games that you particularly like, you’ll need to select the casinos that have the lowest house edges on these games. A low house edge means that you’ll win more. Aside from all that, be sure to check that your online casino is licensed. A licensed casino usually guarantees that you’ll get paid and that no one would abscond with your winnings.

#2 Pick The Right Variant Of Blackjack.

Like we’d mentioned earlier, a lower house edge will bring you more money. Most casinos offer games that have house edges ranging between 1-2%. However, there are casinos out there with a vast choice of different blackjack variants, all at much lower house edges. Look through different casinos and compare their house edges before settling on a single game offered by a specific virtual casino. Be wary of casinos that may offer the same game that you are playing at a different online casino. The game may be the same, but the house edge set for it will vary from casino to casino.

#3 Know How The Game Works.

Each variation of online blackjack, although they have similar gameplay, may differ slightly in terms of the rules. This indirectly affects the moves that you can make during the game. When choosing a blackjack game that works for you, always ensure that you know the game variant inside out. Things like how the payout is like, how many decks will be used in play, whether or not you can surrender a hand or even if you are allowed to split hands in the game, and if so which ones, are crucial for you to know as the player. This is because your entire betting strategy will fall back on these limiting rules.

#4 Draw Up Your Betting Strategy Chart

You may have heard of the term blackjack strategy chart. This chart comprises of a list of moves that you can make, when the dealer has a specific hand. For most of the well-known online

blackjack strategy
blackjack games, you’d be able to run a quick search on the internet to find a readymade betting chart that you can begin using immediately. However, the best practice is to always create your own betting chart that matches your gameplay. You can easily create one with some background in the basic blackjack strategy and with some help from an online blackjack calculator.

#5 Avoid Progressive Betting

Progressive betting is a method of betting that multiplies with each loss or win. Although the tactic may be efficient for short term play, it may not work as well for those who are in it for the big wins. Blackjack is a chance-based game and there is a possibility that when you hit a losing streak, you may end up betting all of your bankroll and even any profit that you’ve already made. For long term play, it is best to keep your bets steady and even, so that you would be able to get the best returns out of every game, without losing too much.

#6 Find The Best Bonuses

Like all other online casino games,  it helps to have great bonuses to help bolster your bankroll for your online blackjack session. Look at the options that you have online and check carefully to see which casino offers the best bonuses in the field. Don’t forget to compare these with any deposit amounts that they may have set in order for you to qualify for these bonuses. The best type of bonuses to go for are the no-strings-attached, no-deposit login bonuses, whereby you are not required to make a deposit in order to use your bonus. Our online casino promotions outline all the casinos with the best bonuses to-date, so that may be a bit of a help in that area.

#7 Manage Your Bankroll With Care

Your bankroll is what you will be playing with at the blackjack table and if you ever run out, that means it’s time to go home. As a rule of thumb, about 10-20% of your expendable income would be the best amount to set as a bankroll for almost any casino game. When you break it down to individual online blackjack rounds, you can try wagering anywhere between 3-5% of your betting allotment on each round. This way, you would have enough money to play long enough to bring in some substantial winnings, without hitting the casino betting limits or prematurely running out of money.

#8 Never Go All-In

You may see some of the players at your online blackjack table going all-in and many be tempted to do so yourself. Do resist the temptation to go all-in. Putting in all your money into a single bet means that you won’t have any left if the situation calls for you to split your cards, especially when you get dealt two aces. Always remember to allocate a small amount for splitting bets. When you split your bets, the chances of you going bust would be lowered greatly and thus, you may just have a chance of winning a little bit more thanks to your split bets.

#9 Avoid Insurance

Insurance is a very safe and comforting word to hear. However, in blackjack, it is just the opposite. Having the insurance means that you would be betting on the odds of the dealer getting a blackjack. In actual fact, only 4 out of 13 cards would be able to give the dealer a blackjack. That sums up to only about 30.8% chance of the house getting a blackjack. Should you be betting on a payout that is anything more than 1:1 on an insurance bet, you are on the losing end, my friend. However, for the more experienced rollers and card counters, this option may prove beneficial in certain situations.

#10 Make Use of Free-Play

Free-play or demo versions of online blackjack games are aplenty so go ahead and take your pick of which games you’d like to try out, on the house. This way, you would be able to get the feel for a particular game and you’d also be able to explore any in-game bonuses or side bets that you can make during your blackjack round. All these would be valuable input for you when drawing out your own, individual blackjack strategies for different online variants of blackjack.

These are just some of the tips and strategies to lead you on your way to a win at your online blackjack table. The best thing to do is to use these tips together, to achieve the best results and win bigger for every round that you play. With blackjack, the key is to have a great sense of forthcoming and select the games that offer the lowest house edges, along with great bankroll management. With these three main things in-check, you’re already set for the win. Good luck trying out these tipss at your next online blackjack session.