A loyalty bonus is a promotional tool that is used as one of many online casino bonuses to reward members who are loyal to a casino, meaning they play often and for an extended length of time. In terms of online casino promotions, this is only provided to those who have obtained a certain status with the casino, whether with online casinos in Malaysia such as M88 or with those casinos that simply identify loyal players based on their deposit and online casino games playing history.

online casino loyalty bonus

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What are the benefits to a loyalty bonus

There are a multitude of benefits associated with a loyalty bonus, or more specifically, obtaining a loyalty status with a casino. The main benefit is rather simply being to receive additional perks and comps in the form of online casino bonuses. While these are rewarding and at times, quite generous, there are other reasons that count in terms of the experience gained from various online casino promotions that are often exclusively awarded to those deemed loyal by online casinos in Malaysia.

What type of loyalty bonus can you expect to receive?

The type of bonus that a loyal player can receive is quite extensive, and while it would be nice to address each of those encountered, it is more ideal to focus on those mentioned. However, what is important to understand is that as a player increases their status in a loyalty program, it can see them receiving priority status in the processing of their withdrawals. It may also include having access to a dedicated loyalty account manager whose job is to provide them incentives and or free cash bonuses that they are able to use playing online casino games. In addition to standard loyalty bonuses mentioned, often the casino will provide special bonuses for birthdays and Christmas, and for the elite members of its loyalty program, reward them with free gifts, tickets to sporting or musical events in their area and at times, free vacations.