Casino Billions Malaysia present the best online Live Baccarat games available to the Malaysian player.

Baccarat has been a classic, mysteriously alluring game that’s been played within the casino community for decades. It’s origins date back to the 19th century, with many speculating that it could have been derived from games that did not use cards as a main form of play, for example the Chinese Pai Gow game, originally played with tiles, similar to mahjong. Although the game was made popular in France, historic evidence points to Italy as the birthplace of baccarat. And along with time and advancements in technology, versions like live baccarat emerged.

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How Live Baccarat Works


Live baccarat is fairly similar to how common baccarat is played in casinos around the world. The gameplay is exactly alike, just that this would be carried out entirely through and online streaming feed. But, what makes live baccarat stand out when compared to online baccarat is that live baccarat will feature a real person as a dealer. This live dealer will be the one mediating the entire game for all the players and what’s great is that you can chat directly with the dealer as well as the other players.


The entire gameplay is streamed to your screen from a live studio, where the dealer conducts the game, based on player’s moves. The stream is recorded by multi-level HD cameras to give you a coverage of every angle of the game. Also, the game is as random as any baccarat game in a casino. The rest of the game is exactly as standard baccarat would be. The aim of the game is to pick a hand, either Player or Banker and place your bets. Alternatively, they can bet on Tie. The hand that wins is the hand that manages to score either an 8 or 9, with only two cards, known as a “natural win”. Otherwise, one or both hands may be dealt a third card, following the Third Card Rule in baccarat.

Live Baccarat Strategy

When you play live baccarat, you need to note that the strategy is not that much different from the usual game of baccarat. The best and most common strategy is to avoid betting on the Tie hand. Why? This is because the Tie hand actually has a very low probability of a hit and despite high payout of 8:1, the chances of you getting a tie in a round is about 9.53%, not to mention a house edge of 14.3%.

Another working strategy is to bet on the Banker hand. Although it may seem like the Player and Banker hands should have an equal opportunity of winning, the Banker hand actually has a slightly higher probability of winning, at 55.38%.

Best Live Baccarat Casinos

For those in Malaysia, looking to play live baccarat, you can have a go at any of the live baccarat games available. But, before you start playing baccarat live, be sure to check out all the live baccarat reviews and survey the sites that offer live baccarat in Malaysia to ensure that your gaming experience will be a pleasant one.

If you’re interested to see further what Malaysian live casino has to offer, you can have a look at our choice live casinos, which list out some of the best live casinos in Malaysia. And for those who want to venture further than baccarat (link to the baccarat page), a list of online casinos in Malaysia as well as their complete list of bonuses and offers would definitely excite you.