Online Keno is a game that shares a lot of similarities with a lottery or Bingo. It has its roots in Asia, with the common consensus being that it originated in China. It’s become a highly popular game at online casinos in recent times with online Keno taking up a lot of space in a number of different casino guides. If you love Bingo, then Keno is a fun variant that will give you the potential for big wins!

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What is online Keno?

online keno

Online Keno
is an online number game. As previously mentioned, it is quite similar to Bingo and a lottery. It’s played by choosing a set amount of numbers from a list of 80. You usually choose 15 numbers but depending on the variant of the game it can be 10 or 20. Some will allow you to choose as many numbers as you like between 1 and 20, there are a lot of different varations around. Numbers are then drawn and what you win will depend on how many numbers you match. If you match every number that you pick then you will get the biggest win, and most Keno games start paying out from 3 numbers onwards.


How to play like a pro?


There are plenty of different online Keno games on the market. While they all contain slight differences, the essence of the game is the same across the board. In order to play Keno like a pro, it’s important to find the right game for you. Find one that is compatible with the best online casino payment methods. This will allow you to withdraw your winnings as quickly and easily as possible.


It’s not just about the withdrawal of funds though. Finding the game that is played in the best way for you is also important. If you like bigger wins then the more numbers you can choose the better. If you like to hedge your bets then a game with the ability to choose fewer numbers could be better for you. The most important aspect of playing to a high level is being comfortable with the game you’re playing.


How to win?


Winning when playing online Keno isn’t an easy task. In terms of how the game actually plays out, you have no influence at all once you’ve chosen your numbers. One important tip to take into account when it comes to trying to improve your chances is to shop around. If you can find an online Keno game that offers better odds than all the others then that should be the game that you choose to play. The better the payouts, the bigger the prizes that you take away.


Secondly, don’t get excited and choose all of the numbers that you can. It’s generally accepted that the best amount of numbers to choose lies between 4 and 8. If you pick between this amount of numbers then you will be giving yourself the best chance to win. It will lower the house edge slightly and anything that lowers the house edge is always a positive. If you find a casino guide that recommends you choose the full amount of numbers, don’t follow it as this is poor advice that will often leave you staring at a loss.


Games features


Online Keno is quite simple to play. There are very few bonus features in place in regards to the actual gameplay. Some titles can offer players animations and nice graphics, but the basic premise of the game will always remain the same.


Some games also make it easier for you to play. With autoplay features in place so you can play a number of games with the same number choices, meaning you don’t have to choose your numbers again each time. Some also offer a lucky dip option where the game will choose your numbers for you!


Interesting facts about online Keno


Keno is supposed to have been invented a millennium ago. In China, a man named Chang Leung invented the game as a way to create revenue for his failing city. It moved onto the popular game that it is today and eventually expanded to include online Keno.

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