Online Craps is one of the most exciting games there is. Whether you like to play Craps at a brick and mortar casino or at a virtual casino, the excitement and enjoyment that it creates is second to none. Despite online Craps having a wide range of fun to it, it’s not as popular as the brick and mortar version. We’re here to put that right. In this casino guide, we’re going to show you just why online Craps is so fun and how you can increase your chances of winning.

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What is online Craps?


online craps

Online Craps
is a virtual version of the dice game Craps. One of the things that puts people off Craps is just how many different terms there are for the wagers on offer. Despite sounding quite complicated, it’s actually very simple once you get used to how it’s played. Put simply, the person who rolls the dice is allowed to continue until they hit the wrong number for their round. The dice roller is called the shooter. With online Craps, the bets are more important than the rolls. The visuals are also so well defined that playing them on a mobile casino looks absolutely fantastic.


How to play like a pro?


In order to play online Craps like a pro, there are a number of things that you will need to take into account. Firstly, knowing how the bets work is an important step. If you are aware of how the bets work then you will be able to judge the quality of the shooter and then decide how to wager on them.


It’s also important to know when specific bets can be placed. This will allow players to know when they can place bets for individual rolls of the dice and when they can place bets based on the complete round of rolls.


How to win?


The skills that are involved when playing online Craps as the shooter are diminished compared to regular Craps. This is because the dice rolls are decided by a random number generator as opposed to how well you can roll the dice. As a result, playing as the shooter loses its benefits with online Craps so unless you really enjoy it, it doesn’t matter if you are unable to do so.


The important part is knowing the right time to place wagers. One of the smartest bets to play is the pass/don’t pass bet. In addition to this the come/don’t come bet is equally as smart. Both of these bets have the smallest house edge in place which makes them the best bets to place in the long term. If you are able to control your bankroll properly then this will give you the biggest opportunity of walking away with a profit.


You should also avoid the prop bets that are on offer for online Craps. These offer the highest house edge and will cause you to lose your bankroll much faster.


Games features


One of the biggest features for online Craps is the pure range of bets that are on offer. Players can place a lot of different bets which means that experienced players will know the right time to use each wager. This is an area where online Craps is a great game for players who can devote the time to learn.


What also helps online Craps to be so much fun is just how quick it is. It’s a game that comes thick and fast and never gives players room to breathe. This is what makes it so exciting and keeps players interested.


Interesting facts about online Craps


Craps actually goes all the way back to a thousand years ago. During the Crusades the game was spread across the globe by fighters from England and France. Online craps came along a little while after this, and overall it is the most popular dice game in the entire world.


Craps and online Craps actually have a lot of superstitions around them. Everything from avoiding the mention of the number 7 to the shooter letting a lady blow on the dice. It is one of the most superstitious games in the world. Whether any of these things work is down to how each individual feels, but many players have their own superstitions that they take to the table.

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