Online Asian Casino Games are some of the fastest-growing titles on the market at the moment. With a number of different Asian games becoming more prominent on the market, Malaysian players are likely to see more games that they are familiar with in the near future. We’ve put together a casino guide that will take players through the basics of online Asian Casino Games.

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What are online Asian Casino Games?

Online Asian Casino Games cover a number of different titles. Currently, there are three main games that are most popular. Keno is a lottery-type game where players choose numbers that are then randomly generated. Sic Bo is a dice game where players can place wagers based on different rolls of the dice. Pachinko machines are a type of pinball machine that have recently moved into the domain of online casinos, although at a much smaller rate than the other two.


How to play like a pro?


Just like all other

casino games, online Asian Casino Games all feature a few ways that can take your skills to the level of the pros. The first way is to be familiar with how the game is played. If you’re not up to speed with the pai gow
game then you won’t be able to play it properly. Don’t be afraid to try out a free play version of the game first. This will allow you to build up your skills and then once you’re confident, start playing for money.


Secondly, it’s important to choose the right game for you. Each of these games has a similarity to other Western casino games. If you’re more familiar with Western titles then look at which type of game the online Asian Casino Games are similar to. If it’s a game that you enjoy or are particularly skilled at then you will have a better chance of being able to pick up the new game at a faster rate.


How to win?


We could easily fill up a full playing guide just with tips on how to win at these online Asian Casino Games. However, we have limited space so we will have to keep it brief. Firstly, look around for the game that you like the best. It might be the level of paytable on offer or a particular way that the game runs that you like. Search through casinos such as 12bet to find the right game for you. This will allow you a better chance at developing the skills you need to be a success.


Secondly, just like with all casino games, it’s important to manage your bankroll well. If you don’t manage your bankroll then a losing streak could wipe you out before you have a chance to turn things around and get into a profit. Make sure that your wagers are linked to your budget and that you place them in a sensible manner.

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Games features

Each game has a number of different features on offer to players. Pachinko is an online Asian Casino Game that will provide plenty of excitement. It’s highly engaging and is likely to appeal to players who enjoy playing pinball.


Keno is a game that shares a lot in common with the lottery and Bingo. There are a number of different features in Keno that will allow players to customise how they place their bet. It’s one of the few online Asian Casino Games that has really started to develop a high level of popularity.


Sic Bo is a game that is currently starting to grow in popularity. In terms of features, it offers far more wagering options than other online Asian Casino Games. This means that players who like to bet in a strategic manner will be drawn to this game.


Interesting facts about online Asian Casino Games


Asian Casino Games are some of the oldest in existence. A lot of modern casino games actually evolved from games played in Asia. This is mainly due to early sailors bringing the games back to the West and then the games evolving from there. This is why a lot of online Asian Casino Games share some similarities with western games that were already well established at online casinos.

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