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Online Casino Guide

As an avid fan of card games and slots, you may have had your fair share of trips to your local brick-and-mortar casinos, all decked out in regality and looking expensive from the inside out. Beautifully polished tables, smartly dressed dealers, the enthusiastic yell of a winner and the angry grunts of someone on a long losing streak, you’ve seen it all.  But, in recent years, casinos have shifted their focus to their online casinos instead. What actually are online casinos? What are these virtual casinos on the Internet all about? How do they work? If you’ve ever tried one out, you’d know that it’s mostly as how a real casino would be. They have specific tables for specific games and you can browse about the library to see which of the games you would like to play and bet on. In terms of odds and probabilities, it also mirrors land-based casinos, however, in lots of cases, the odds on the online version may be better, allowing you to win more.

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Online Casino Games – All Your Favorite Casino Games At Your Fingertips

And that brings us to the next question, what kind of casino games do you find on such online casino sites? Like any other brick-and mortar casino, they have games like roulette, blackjack, slots, baccarat, poker, Texas Hold’ Em, craps and many other well-loved casino games that you can play from the comfort of your own home. Aside from that, some casinos have now adopted Asian gambling games and offer special options like sic bo, mahjong, Dragon Tiger, pai gow and a few other games that you can bet on, with an Asian flavor. Some casinos can have up to hundreds, even thousands of game options so that you can take your pick of the types of casino games that you’d like to bet on.


Live Online Casino Games – Play Casino Games In Real-Time

But, in terms of games offered, there is one unique trait of an online casino that you can’t find in land-based ones, anywhere in the world and that is the technologically-fueled world of live gaming. The whole idea of live gaming in the casino industry is to bring a better, more realistic gambling experience into the online casino world, thus giving players an option to bet as if they were at a real casino, without having to step out of their homes. At the center of live gaming is the live dealer. How do casinos make this concept of live dealer happen? They use state-of-the art cameras and shoot a live video of the dealer actually conducting your game from their specialized studios. These cameras capture every angle of the ongoing game and stream it directly to your screen so that you can have a real-time gambling experience. The cards and equipment used have microchips and sensors linked to the online casino, which allows them to display the exact card or move to you at home. Pretty cool, huh? Among the most common live casino games are baccarat, blackjack, roulette and poker.


Mobile casino

Another specialty of online casinos are its mobile casino options. These mini-versions of online casinos mirror the exact content that you can find on your favorite online casino gaming sites, such as W88, M88 and Empire777. The only difference is, that the site may have a different layout and number of games, depending on how well-suited those components are with your mobile device. Mobile versions of casino sites are usually lightweight and have bigger buttons and less clutter to make it easier to make a selection using the finger tap functions, widely used in mobile devices. This was made possible by the HTML5 mobile revolution, which saw many gamming operators shift from the bulky and ineffective Flash components to a sleek, smart and lighter coded game, which ran smoothly on any mobile device. And in recent light, more advanced technology has been added to mobile casino gaming to make your experience a more immersive like cloud-based gaming, artificial intelligence and even a touch of virtual reality.

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Online Casino Bonuses – Free Spins, Promotions and Cashbacks

Online casinos have a wide array of special bonuses and promotions, most of them exclusively available only on their online site. And almost 99% of the time, these special bonuses are a huge leap away from the ones that you can get at the land-based version of your favorite casinos, providing online players with big bonuses and each competing with the other to provide the biggest casino bonuses in the scene, which can only be beneficial to the players. These bonuses are not limited to welcome bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, mini games, daily or weekly specials, birthday bonuses and many others, which may vary from casino to casino. Aside from that, casinos also have special event bonuses and jackpots that you can try out to see if you can bolster your bankroll further.


Online Casino Transactions  – Deposit and Withdraw

Now that we know how great the bonuses are at a certain online casino and what are the kinds of bonuses to look out for, the next step is to determine how your deposit and withdrawal transactions will be carried out on the site. Most online casinos support a variety of online payment options like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz and many more. If you’re more comfortable with the usual payment methods, online casinos also accept credit card payments, usually through Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Visa Maestro. And some even have cash-over-the-counter options. The newest addition to casino payment methods  are cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin. If you’re an avid Bitcoin spender, you would be able to find casinos that are dedicated to players who bet using Bitcoin.


Online Casino Softwares  – The Latest Technology In Immersive Gaming

In terms of software and technology, online casinos started their journey with games that were developed using Flash. However, the games were not as efficient and graphically appealing so not many people frequented online casinos while Flash was the main software used in online casino games. And then came the latest in web programming language, the HTML5. This revolution allowed websites to be designed in a way where they would be able to play any form of media, no matter how complicated, to allow for a complete and enthralling media experience. And when this was introduced into the online casino world, online casino software developers now began to develop games with 3D effects, complex animations, and exciting mini-games. These new-age games could also be downloaded onto mobile devices, something that could not be done with Flash casino games. Another matter is the question of how online casinos keep the games random and ensure that every game is fair for both player and casino? This is where the RNG or random number generator system plays its part. These internal systems use complex algorithms that spit out completely random options, cards and selections, in order to ensure that every game is purely a result of chance. Every casino has its RNG systems checked and verified by third-party testing labs, certified by gambling authorities, just to make sure its integrity.


Online Casino Agents  – Making Online Gaming Easier

For some new players, you may not be aware of another component in the world of online casino gaming and that is online casino agents. What these casino agents do is that they would act as a mediator between the casino and yourself, somewhat like an account manager. Through this method, you would not need to make any online payments on your online casino site, but instead, you would make the payment to your agent, who will then grant you virtual credits based on the amount you’ve paid, which will be credited into your online casino account. Aside from that, this also safeguards your personal data and identity, and allows you to gamble even if the online casino offers payment methods that are not compatible with you. Agents for online casinos are recruited either through a sign up on their website or through a specialized app for agents and home bookies. Once an online casino agent is hired, they would only need a laptop, mobile device and Internet, using which they can begin to recruit more people to be under their wing or to join as players on the site that they work for. These agents will assist players to place their bets, understand the rules and regulations and pick out their best earning games, which indirectly also benefits the casino they work for. Online casino agents are usually paid through commissions or profit shares, depending on how well their performance is.


Online Casino Summary  – A Quick Guide To Online Casinos

The world of online casinos is an intricate balance of technology, manpower and clever marketing strategies. With the endless casino game options and live casino gaming that you can play on the go, supported by the latest technology and security measures in the industry of online casino gaming, the generous bonuses and promotions also jackpots, that you can use to add-on to your gambling bankroll, the myriad of payment methods and the online casino agents (ANCHOR)  that are always on standby to help you win bigger and bigger each time,  they all play a big part to provide you with the best possible no gaming experience via the Internet, without you having to take even a step out of the comfort of your own home.