Casino Billions present the best bonuses and promotions which are available in online casinos for the Malaysian player.

Bonuses and promotions

In order to compete in the competitive gaming industry and stand out as the most prestigious online casino, most of them including online casino Malaysia 
offered a variety of exciting promotions and even weekly or monthly prizes to their players.

Online Casinos With The Best Bonuses

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All these promotions ranging from sign up or membership bonuses, reward points, slots tournaments, cash rebates, progressive jackpots, member privileges, free bet to luxury gift redemption and many more. All these nice perks had become the main attraction for players to get the most out of their gaming experience with just a couple of mouse clicks away, anywhere and anytime from around the world.

Thus, get ready to bookmark this page as we are going to reveal the Top 10 bonuses and promotions online casino has to offer! If you pay attention to our contents below and play your cards right – you can get your hands on all kinds of exclusive online casino deals that you can utilize to earn more money.

Don’t get confused with what was offered on the table, let us guide you through the variety of best bonus and reward deals to enrich your online casino and gaming experiences with high value appealing offers.


Welcome bonus

Once you registered as a new player, most online casinos will give away sign-up bonuses or welcome packages to the new members. Generally, online casinos, such as W88 and 22BET, offer new members to match their first deposit, some even match up to three deposits with 100% to 200% welcome bonus. The more you deposit, the more bonus you’ll get as online casinos is quite generous in welcoming their new member. New membership rewards can also include a certain number of free spins that you can use in slots or free bets for sports games.

No deposit casino bonus

A no deposit casino bonus is one of the most sought-after casino bonuses in existence. This is because it gives players a reward without them having to make a deposit. The most common no deposit bonus is the free spins bonus. They are usually given out when players first sign up to a casino. However, they can also be given out as part of special promotions, for example, when players sign in to their account for a specific number of days in a row. No deposit bonuses give players a free reward and so they are seen as some of the rarest bonuses on the market.

Free spins bonus

The most well-known bonus of this type is free spins where new player registration comes with a certain amount of free spins. Slot bonus is a bonus to be used in slot games or received while playing them. There are also special slot bonuses that could be open to exclusive new titles and latest releases and can also be used for progressive jackpot games within the slot realm. You can either get them in your welcome package or as part of a reload bonus. In fact, we find that the best slot bonuses come with new game releases. The player will find a number of exclusive player rewards for new games.

Match bonus

A matched bet bonus is one of the most common bonuses associated with online casinos. These are usually paid out as Welcome Bonuses, but they can sometimes be awarded as part of regular promotions as well. The way that a matched bet bonus works are that however much you deposit into your account; the casino will match it with a percentage of that amount. For example, if you have a 200% matched bet bonus and you deposit MYR 2,000, you will receive a matched bet bonus of MYR 4,000 as well. This will give you a total of MYR 6,000 in your account from your initial MYR 2,000 deposit.

Loyalty bonus

A loyalty bonus can be awarded in a number of ways and the most common way is through a VIP club. Here players will earn a range of different benefits based on how often they log into their account and how often they place wagers. VIP clubs will usually have a number of tiers, this is so mid-range players can still earn some bonuses even if they don’t quite manage to get up to the top tier reserved for the high roller players. These benefits can range from matched bets to free spins to cash rewards. A loyalty bonus can also come in the form of casino currency, which is earned by placing wagers, it can then be cashed in for rewards.

Sticky bonus

A sticky bonus is cash added to your account; however, this cash addition can only be used to increase your bankroll. This basically means that you can use the sticky bonus to place wagers, but when you make a withdrawal the sticky bonus amount will be removed. So, if you have an MYR 500 sticky bonus and you tried to make a withdrawal of MYR 700, you would only be given MYR 200. While it may seem like a poor quality bonus at first glance, the ability to increase your bankroll allows for much better betting strategies which can then be used to increase your chances of winning.

Monthly and reload bonuses

Monthly and reload bonuses are very similar to a Welcome Bonus. They basically operate in the same way, but they can become available at any time during your membership. If there is a monthly bonus or a reload promotion active, then the bonus itself will be awarded when you make a deposit to your account. Just like a Welcome Bonus, they can come as either a matched bet or as free spins and this all depends on the type of promotion that is running. These promotions reward players who are loyal, but they’re different from loyalty bonuses.

Refer a friend bonus

A refer a friend bonus is pretty much self-explanatory. When you refer one of your friends to the online casino that you’re playing at, you will receive a bonus. So, for example, you might receive 5% of your friend’s initial deposit after they have signed up for a bonus promotion. So, if they make a deposit of MYR 1,000, you will receive MYR 50 in your account. Depending on the promotion that’s in place you might also receive legacy bonuses throughout the duration of your friend’s membership, but this is much rarer than the standard single payment.

Payment method bonus

A payment method bonus is a relative innovation to online casinos. It usually consists of a matched bet but can sometimes be offered as free spins. It essentially means that when you use a specific payment method to make a deposit, Neteller for example, you will receive an additional bonus. These are usually separate from the Welcome Bonus and reload bonuses. Depending on the payment promotion that is running at the time, you might not be able to use them in conjunction with any other bonuses.

Rebate bonus

The rebate bonus is calculated based on the wagers that a player places. In most cases, this will just be calculated on wagers placed and doesn’t take wins or losses into account, but some rebates are only calculated based on losing wagers. They are usually calculated as a percentage and then awarded as cash into the player’s account. So, if the rebate bonus was 1% then the total wagers of MYR 100 would give a rebate bonus of MYR 1. This will then be credited to the player’s account for use on other games.

VIP Member Privileges

An alternate way to reward players’ loyalty and play more is to upgrade them to a VIP program or loyalty program, which comes in all shapes and sizes. This is a loyalty scheme or program which rewards member points for real money wagers. Commonly most online casinos offer VIPs and players can save these points up to exchange for perks, or exchange them for cashback.

However, some casinos will offer VIP membership to high-rollers, where some VIP bonuses will be exclusive private invitations and be sent to a selected player by email. For example, there are birthday treats for VIPs in some casinos. Some online casino even provides their VIPs with personal account managers who can be also considered as exclusive services for their members.

Cash Deposit Bonus

Cash deposit bonus is the most common type of bonus you get after you make a deposit. An online casino will match your deposit with a corresponding bonus, the more you put in, the more you’ll get. It can be a part of your welcome package or a special promotion for the money you deposited. Usually, a deposit bonus equals 100% or up to 300% of your deposit limited to a certain sum of money.

There are few types of deposit bonuses, such as a sign-up bonus as a new player, the one which you can get more in your account by using a promotional code, or those online casino promotion programs offered to existing customers. It’s nice to double or triple your money just by depositing!

  • Live Casino Bonuses

Exclusive offers solely for the use of live casino games. A live casino provides players with a unique experience of enjoying online casino games with real human interaction. Some of the bonuses players can use in a live casino include new member bonuses, cashback promotions and so on.

Players can also earn a variety of treats while playing in a live casino. Many sites have special offers and loyalty programs, as well as tournaments to keep players occupied.


High Roller Casino Bonuses

These are specialist bonuses that are valid for players who play a lot, deposit a lot, and earns a lot. Online casino loves such big shots and will offer marvelous bonuses to make them stay and play more. There are whole selections of High Roller bonuses for players who are aiming for a bigger game. These bonuses can vary from different amusing treats like more rewards and cashback or easier withdrawals to complex loyalty programs with points, levels, and special personal offers. Generally, High Rollers are exclusively given to VIP members, they get to enjoy personal assistant and different privileges, and sometimes even luxurious goods or trips and special tickets to various events. The bottom line is the more deposit, the more cashback, more of everything that casinos offer to their players.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

Obviously, daily, weekly and monthly bonuses are promotions that online casinos offer to their players once a day, week, or month. Normally players are entitled to such bonuses by fulfilling certain conditions, such as visiting the online casino on a specific day/time or to play a specific game. Online casinos often organize such treats to attract players to play as frequently as possible.


Most online casinos offer their players to take part in the different tournaments which take their wins to a higher level and to compete for remarkable prizes. The tournament has made its way to the online gaming industry and is starting to hijack the spotlight. There are different tournaments such as slots tournaments, blackjack tournaments and Live poker tournaments for the best players to test their skills and win big.

Cashback Bonuses

Online casino cashback bonuses have gained popularity in recent years. Some online casinos have opted for offering attractive weekly cashback from 0.1% up to 0.8%. Although the cashback seems to be more lucrative for high rollers, low rollers and leisure players can still make a pretty penny in bonus money.

Bonuses And Promotions Summary

It’s heaven to enjoy stimulating online casino gaming experiences while rewarding yourself by getting unbelievable bonuses and promotions. In order to keep your pocket fully loaded, make sure to check out the latest offer from your favorite online casino. After reading this, you should now be ready to enjoy your time within the top online casinos, and always keep this in mind:

  1. Always remember to read the terms and conditions.
  2. Search for the latest bonus for new slots rather than the older ones.
  3. Always check the promotions or rewards page of online casinos from time to time.

Having all the tips above in hand, you can now start enjoying all bonuses and rewards with no confusion at all. Everyone likes getting deals. Players like free money, free bets, spins and cashback – especially if they were going to spend and play all sorts of games anyway. So start enjoying free games, free bets, unlimited cashback and many others reward at your fingertips by visiting the best online casinos recommended by us! May the force be with you, Good Luck!


  • How do online casino bonuses work?

    Online casino bonuses differ depending on the bonus type. When it comes to casino bonuses that offer players additional funds, these are paid into the player account whenever the bonus conditions are met.

  • What is a Welcome Bonus?

    A Welcome Bonus is the most common and most popular online casino bonus. It’s awarded to players when they make their first deposit after signing up to the casino and can be awarded as either a matched bet or as free spins.

  • What is a deposit bonus?

    A deposit bonus is a bonus that is awarded to the player whenever they make a deposit. These are usually matched bets but can sometimes include free spins. These mostly come as monthly bonuses or reload bonuses.

  • What is a no-deposit bonus?

    A no deposit bonus is the rarest of all bonuses. This is because it’s awarded without players having to make any kind of deposit. The most common kind of no deposit bonus is awarded when a player signs up to a casino.

  • Can I withdraw a casino bonus?

    It depends on the bonus. Some casino bonuses will allow you to withdraw them instantly like the rebate bonuses for example.

  • How can I know about upcoming promotions?

    There are two main ways to keep up to date with upcoming promotions. The first is to check out our list of the best promotions and bonuses that are on offer. The second way is to keep checking out the promotions page at your casino. Both are updated on a regular basis and will allow players to easily discover all of the latest casino promotions as soon as they are available.

  • What are the benefits of a VIP membership?

    With a VIP membership on an online casino, you would be able to get bigger percentages of bonuses, as well as additional bonuses. These memberships are usually in tiers, so the higher you advance, the more bonuses you’ll get for the same amount of time you play.