Online slots are some of the most played games in the online casino industry. There are hundreds of them on the average casino, thousands of them across the industry, and they span all kinds of amazing themes, features, and more.

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We have a host of reviews and rankings for all kinds of casino games, but slots stand out as some of the most impressive and the most diverse.

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How we Rank Slots


We take several features into consideration when ranking the best casino games and online slots are no exception.


Slots Bonus Rounds


The bonus rounds are key to the enjoyment of online slots. These features take online casino games to the next level, offering advanced graphics, interactive features, free spin features, and more.


The most common features are free spins, whereby you get a number of free pulls of the reels. There are also features known as Choose-Me rounds, where you are tasked with choosing from a number of on-screen items and unlocking cash prizes as you do so.




The way that a slot looks is key to your enjoyment of it. Online slots evolved from basic, offline versions, but the move to online casinos allowed them to take things to another level. The graphics utilized by modern online slots are similar to the jaw-dropping graphics found on mobile games, with just as much care and attention going into every single detail.




Many slot fans play games on mute, as the music can be repetitive and more than a little annoying. But the best online slots have music that complements the visuals; music that draws you in and creates an entertaining, engaging, and immersive experience.


Great music is rare, but it can really take a game to new heights. Such is the case with many horror-themed games, whereby the music helps to set the scene. It’s also true for games that are based on classic rock bands and singers, such as KISS, Guns N Roses, Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, and Ozzy Osbourne. You can have games based on legends of rock without having their music playing throughout.



There are few things more frustrating than a slot that plays slowly, either because there’s too much going on and the action slows down as a result, or because the software is just not good enough.


Players prefer games that move quickly and fluidly, and so do we. This isn’t the 1980s—slots shouldn’t move with clunking, stuttering speed. They should move with an enjoyable and seamless fluidity.




It doesn’t matter how great a game looks, if it’s not fun to play then you won’t enjoy the experience. This is a difficult thing to get right, so online slots need to be highlighted and praised when they do get it right.


The most enjoyable games are the ones that offer original and non-repetitive gameplay, giving you multiple options for bonus features and ensuring that the game doesn’t become too predictable.


ShortReviews  of 5 Best Slots


Now that we know what makes a good slot, it’s time to look at the very best creations out there right now. You can take a free spin on all these online slots to try them for yourself, or you can jump right in and play for real money.


1. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra


This slot was created by Betsoft, one of the biggest names in the business and one that has created a plethora of beautiful, 3D titles. It won numerous awards for its innovative features and once you take your first few “spins” you’ll understand just why it has been praised so much.


Max Quest doesn’t operate like a standard slot. It doesn’t have traditional reels and paylines and is instead built around an immersive 3D video game, one that takes you through the world of Ancient Egypt and introduces you to all kinds of weird and wonderful beasts and features.


You choose the room that you want to play in, select your weapon, and then start attacking the creatures that appear on the game screen. It’s a true one-of-a-kind slot, and nothing can come close to it in terms of originality.


2. Gonzo’s Quest


Created by NetEnt, Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular online slots out there right now. It has been available for several years at this point, but its popularity has endured because of its Avalanche feature and its entertaining main character. It’s a satisfying slot that takes players on an adventure through the Americas during the time of the Spanish conquest.


3. Mega Moolah


Mega Moolah is a record-breaking progressive jackpot slot that has made dozens of millionaires over the years. It has a seed jackpot of €1 million and regularly exceeds €10 million, an amount that can be won by every player every time they take a spin. It’s like getting a free lottery ticket with every spin.


4. Age of the Gods


The Age of the Gods slot franchise was born out of necessity. It used to be known as the Marvel Superhero slot series, but when Playtech lost the license for Marvel characters, they made the switch. But even with the new skin, this is still a great series and the huge jackpot system remains.


You can win massive jackpots across all Age of the Gods slots and because so many games contribute to these jackpots, they grow quickly and reach astronomical heights.


5. Starburst


This is the simplest slot on this list, but it’s also one of the best and proves that simple can be fun. Starburst has very few paylines and no exciting or unique bonus rounds, but it has a high RTP and a fun Wild feature and that’s why it has remained one of the industry’s most-loved online slots for so long.


Most casinos have this game available and most players have played it at least once.




Online slots offer endless fun for gamblers who enjoy big graphics, unique features, and lots of variety. You will never be bored with the huge amount of slots available out there, especially when you consider that the biggest developers are releasing new titles all of the time and constantly updating their selection.


Find your next favourite online slot today!